Center for Empirical Research in the Law

About the Center
CERL is a research center comprised of Washington University faculty, staff, and students working collaboratively to study the law and legal institutions using quantitative research methods. The mission of CERL is to grow the understanding, breadth, capability, and basic acceptance of the methodology behind empirical legal research. The Center was founded on July 1, 2006 as a research unit in the law school.

CERL does the following:
  • We undertake significant research projects that address many aspects of the legal system.
  • We support empirical legal scholarship by providing research infrastructure to the Washington University School of Law.
  • We provide training to law professors, law students, and doctoral students on the use of empirical research methods.
  • We host workshops, seminars, and conferences to encourage intellectual exchange in our community.
  Washington University / School of Law / Campus Box 1120 / St. Louis MO 63130