Washington University Law CERL
  Center for Empirical Research in the Law

Center Staff
Lee Epstein
Co-Director of CERL
Lee Epstein ( email, web ) is the Ethan A.H. Shepley Distinguished University Professor at Washington University, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the American Academy of Political and Social Science. A recipient of 12 grants from the National Science Foundation for her work on law and legal institutions, Epstein has authored or co-authored over 100 articles and essays, as well as 15 books. The Behavior of Federal Judges, with William M. Landes and Richard A. Posner, was published by Harvard University Press in 2013. Her most recent book is An Introduction to Empirical Legal Research (Oxford University Press, 2014).

Pauline Kim
Co-Director of CERL
Pauline Kim ( email, web ) is the Charles Nagel Professor of Law. She is a nationally recognized expert on employment law and judicial decision-making, and has conducted path-breaking empirical work on employees' legal knowledge, public enforcement of anti-discrimination law and judicial decision-making.

Troy Dearmitt
Technology Director
Troy DeArmitt ( email ) is CERL's Technology Director. Troy is also the self-reported happiest man on the WashU campus. To Troy's enthusiastic demeanor in his role at CERL he simply says, "I definitely found the right job for me." As for his specific duties at CERL, Troy oversees the technological needs and direction of the center. When he is not keeping an eye on the general ship, Troy lives in the trenches alongside the other developers designing, developing, and enjoying his own body of project-work.

James Daily
Research Technologist
CERL is wildly fortunate to have attracted the eye of James "Jed" Daily ( email ). It is often said that timing is everything and our finding Jed when we did surely lends support to that credo as he was coming out of a long-term research assignment just as our position opened. In his cover letter in applying for the job, he said that he felt his training and experience to date had oddly prepared him for this very position. In reviewing his computer science degrees and subsequent law degree, it would be hard to argue that Jed is anything but a near-perfect addition to our arsenal of talent.
George Sessen
Research Technologist
George Sessen marks another extraordinary find for CERL. George has a long record of problem-solving in a varied set of situations and brings a keen and mature eye to our endeavors. His innovative insights sprinkled (and sometimes fully ladled) into our solutions surely amplifies the potential of our work. A popular movie once said of an expert-hand, "this fellow has forgotten more about this subject than you or I will ever know." George's body of experience teeters on this level of expertise and as I said earlier, CERL is most fortunate to have the use of his gifts.
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