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The EEOC Litigation Project
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Project Overview
Professors Pauline Kim ( site ), Margo Schlanger ( site ) and Andrew Martin ( site ) have received a two-year grant from the National Science Foundation to collect and analyze data on federal court litigation brought by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The research involves collaboration between CERL and the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse ( project details / site ).

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is the federal agency charged with enforcing the laws against sex, race, age, religion and disability discrimination in the workplace, and a significant part of its work involves filing suit and seeking redress through the federal court system. The EEOC Litigation Analysis project involves a systematic study of the litigation activities of the EEOC and the agency's outcomes over a 10 year period of time.

The data generated by this project will-for the first time-permit the systematic analysis of the EEOC's enforcement activities and outcomes in the courts. The project will include analysis of the monetary and injunctive relief sought and obtained by the EEOC in court cases, as well as trends in the nature of relief sought over time. These data will contribute to our understanding of institutional reform litigation and remedial design in employment discrimination disputes.

Furthermore, data on the EEOC's federal court litigation experience will be used to shed light on litigation dynamics and the interaction between litigant and judicial decision-making. Detailed information about the progress of litigation, the types of litigation activities, the types of judicial rulings, and the date and type of final resolution will be coded from case dockets. This information will once again allow for the systematic analysis of the work of the district courts in an important set of cases, while avoiding problems of selection bias that have plagued similar studies.

Documents relating to the EEOC's enforcement activities, particularly those relating to injunctive relief, will be made publicly available through the Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse ( project details / site ).
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